Denver Spring 2017 Marathon Program

Distance : 26.2 Miles (Marathon)
Final Mile Date : April 23rd
Final Mile Location : Washington Park



Are YOU Ready?  Kids Running America wants you to virtually run the KRA Denver Marathon Program! Here's a quick "run down" of how it works: 

            Step 1: RUN! (This is the most important step! Remember, a marathon is 26.2 miles and you have to run 25 miles on your own, or with family and friends.)

            Step 2: Log your miles after EVERY run! 

            Step 3:  Unlock each mile!

            Step 4:  On Sunday,October 23rd, join your fellow Kids Running America Marathon Program participants and run the last mile together!

            Step 5: Cross the KRA Marathon Finish Line and be awarded a medal and t-shirt!

  Need some motivation? Click here to watch this video! 

 A note to parents & guardians: 

One of the many goals of the Kids Running America is to motivate and inspire everyone in our community, including children. The KRA Denver Marathon Program will help motivate and challenge the next generation to get-up, get-out, and RUN! We all are aware of the statistics, our kids are not as active as they should be and childhood obesity is reaching an alarming level. Now is the time to act. Running is fun, builds self-esteem and boasts a number of health benefits for children, teens, and people of all ages.

Our interactive web page accessed by your runners username and password allows participants to log and track their miles as they complete them. 

Each mile logged is rewarded by a pop-up image with tips, fun facts and rewards! Kids anywhere can participate!

Finally, on the morning of Sunday, April 23rd all children who have completed their first 25 miles will join together at Washington Park and run their final mile (actually 1.2 miles). They will get to experience the thrill of crossing the finish line and be awarded their finisher medal and t-shirt! 

Happy Running!