2017 Rib Mountain Run Club

Distance : 26.2 Miles (Marathon)
Program Ends : May 19th
Location : Wausau, WI


Welcome to the Rib Mountain Marathon Run Club!



 Healthy successful families help build strong communities.

We know that happy and healthy kids perform better. We are excited to partner with Kids Running America to challenge families to accumulate 25.2 miles of movement using an online tracker. The challenge runs from April 10 to May 19th. 

On Friday May 19th, all the participants who have completed their first 25 miles will join together and run the final mile (1.2 miles) where participants will get to experience the thrill of finishing a marathon, crossing a finish line and be awarded
medals and t-shirts

Step 1 - Walk or Run with your family

Step 2 - Track your miles - An interactive web page accessed by username and password thru this site allows participants to log and track their miles as they complete them. 

Step 3 - Plan to attend our Final Mile Event to finish your marathon.

Now all that’s left to do is get registered and get moving!