Mentors & Teams

Mentors are only required if you are planning to create a team of runners within a school, club or youth organization.

Without mentors, KRA would not be possible. This role is filled by you, volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in children’s health and wellness. No experience is necessary to become a mentor. With the help of our down-loadable Mentor Handbook to use as a resource guide, we will help you set up your team and supply useful information on youth running, fun running activities, and FAQ’s. You are what makes our program happen. It is no cost to become a Lead Mentor or Mentor!

Our program and website is designed to give you all the information, tools, and curriculum you need to successfully mentor your team. It is our goal to make mentoring a KRA team easy, fun and gratifying. Once you have selected an available program and created a team you will have complete access to your KRA mentor platform. Same as the runners on your team, you can log and track your miles, view the program map, track your other physical activities and lifestyle tracker. Under the Mentor Tools drop down tab you can view your team, including their contact information, payment, as well as edit their mileage. Click on the Flyer Tool and you can create a team specific flyer to distribute and promote your run club. If your team should need hard copies of the program entry forms, click on the Print Registration tab. You will also have access to The Mentor Handbook and our Mentor Quick Steps.

Creating a New Team and becoming a Lead Mentor: First, select which KRA program your team will be participating in. If your team is doing both the ultra and marathon, you will need to create a team under each program. Each team will have/need only one Lead Mentor. The Lead Mentor will serve as the primary source of contact with KRA. All mentors will have the same access to the mentor platform. There is no fee to creating a team or signing up as a mentor. Once a Lead Mentor has registered and created their team, they will be contacted by an assigned KRA Mentor Coordinator. This individual will help you get started, answer any questions throughout your weeks of training, and assist in any way your team needs.

  • Adding additional mentors to your team: If your team requires further support, direct additional mentors to sign up under your team by clicking on the Available Program tab on the home page, click on the chosen program, and then click on the green Registration button. Then select Register as a New or Returning Mentor.

          We recommend one mentor to every 15 runners on your team as a guideline.


  • Mentor Quick Step:  This one-page reference guide will offer step by step information about how to start and run our program.
  • Mentor Handbook:  KRA has designed a Mentor Handbook to use as a resource throughout your weeks of training. In this handbook you will find tips on stretching and running, fun run activities, weekly Life Tool Topics and FAQ's. You will be able to download your Mentor Handbook after logging in.
  • Set Up Your Training Schedule: In order for the children to accomplish their goal of completing the marathon or ultra distance, they must first accrue 25.2 or 99 miles over a given time frame. You, as mentors, will need to figure out how many days you will have to accrue these miles. You decide what days and times your team will meet and how far they must run each time in order to accrue the 25.2 or 99 miles before going down to participate at the Final Mile Event.
    Example: If you were selecting our marathon program - starting 10 weeks out from the Final Mile Event and meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, your team would need to run 1.25 at each meeting, thus totaling 25.2 miles.

For further information about our program or if you have any questions please contact Rachel Levi at (303) 917-1002 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.