Getting Started

Are you ready to take on the challenge of running a marathon? Great! Then let's get started! Here are the first of many steps that you will be taking to accrue your 26.2 miles needed to become a marathon finisher.

Runners follow these steps:    

tread left  Step 1: From the home page choose which KRA program and event that you are participating in under KRA Events.


tread left  Step 2: Once you have the correct event selected you are now ready to register. Click Runner Registration on the right hand side of the page.

tread left  Step 3:  New runners: Create yourself an account by selecting New Member Registration. Returning runners login to your account using your user name and password in the Returning Runner Login fields. New menbers complete your account page and hit continue at the bottom of the screen when finished. Returning members look over and update your account and then select contunue at the bottom of the screen to proceed with registering for your select program.

tread left  Step 4:  One selection on the registration page is your Team. Click on the Team drop down bar and select your Team. If your team name is not listed please contact your Lead Mentor or the KRA office. If you are running individually please select Not-On-A-Team.

Proceed to the end of the registration process & payment page. When done you will receive a completion of registration notice as well as a comfirmation email to your assigned KRA email address.


tread left  Step 5: Lace up your shoes because you are now ready to run! Log 25.2 miles using our Mileage Tracking System while watching yourself run through our virtual marathon.


tread left  Step 6: Finish your last mile at one of our Final Mile Events or at your "It's YOUR Marathon" location.

tread left  Step 7: Enjoy your lifelong bragging rights of running the marathon distance!

Mentors or Starting a team:

Click here for the information that you need to start making a difference in a child's health and wellness today!