About KRA


Today's youth are reported as being the most inactive generation in history, creating major health care challenges. The cause of this epidemic comes from too much TV, video games, increased computer usage, excessive consumption of fast food and poor eating habits, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. The percentage of overweight children has doubled over the last 30 years, leaving in its trail serious health and social consequences for the future of our children and our nation.

Effective tools and outlets are desperately needed. KRA is a goal based running program designed to equip children with the means to advance into life with a
healthy lifestyle. Based on a non-competitive philosophy, Kids Running America has designed a program to equip each child with the dedication and the knowledge of how to set and achieve goals.


KRA is a program that encourage children to adopt a healthier lifestyle through education about nutrition, healthy choices, and our unique incremental running programs. Building self-esteem, improving their health and experiencing their own personal power! Each KRA program and Final Mile Event focuses on the goal of completion. Every KRA participant, whether on a training run or crossing the 'ultimate' finish line is a winner!


Children run various distances over time to accumulate a total of 26.2 miles. Kids Running America participants then earn the unforgettable reward of coming together to complete their own personal marathon at a program specific Final Mile Event . See our list of available programs under KRA Events located on our homepage.